4 Ways to Keep Dog Walks Fun in Millbrook

Is Walking the Dog Becoming a Drag??


Have you ever had a dog that just doesn’t want to walk on leash? You know them… no matter how much coaxing, tugging, and sweet talk you try, it just does nothing to move them along.  Dogs are supposed to love walks! They are supposed to jump at the sight of the leash, and bound toward the door. Well, we all know that isn’t always the case.  Some dogs just lose interest, or get bored.  So, what can you do to encourage a less than enthusiastic dog to enjoy their walks?

Make it fun!
What really motivates your dog? Does your pup have a special toy? Try bringing a favorite ball or squeaky toy along with you on your walks. Turn your walks into a game or a play session. If  you are near a park or grassy area, stop there for a few minutes and engage your dog in some fun!  Make your walks a pathway to playtime.

Treats….  (AKA bribery!)
Most dogs are pretty food motivated. There are  a great selection of healthy treats for our dogs these days. Find one your pup really likes, and take a pocketful with you. Buy small training treats, or break larger treats into small bites. When your dog lags, offer a treat with a happy excited voice, urging them forward. Make your pup work for the treat too, with a sit, or a shake, whatever engages them and keeps their attention.

Walk with a buddy.
Find a friend to go on your walks with you!  The company of another dog, especially an active, playful pup, is a great motivator and mood enhancer for the more lackadaisical dog.  Its also a great way to socialize (for both dog and human!), and fun for everyone involved.  While you are at it, take a hike to the park and play a game with your new buddies!

Mix it up a bit.
We are lucky here in the Millbrook area, to have so many beautiful places to walk. There are hunt trails, wooded paths, beautiful meadows, ponds and parks.  Make it a point to mix up your walking routes. A hike down wooded trails or around a lake is always more interesting for everyone than a boring walk down a paved street. New sights, sounds and smells with usually perk up your pooch!  Drive there if you have to.

Finally, remember, as your pup ages, he will slow down. Always take into consideration your dog’s health and wellbeing. Be aware of changes in demeanor, watch for signs of stiffness that advancing age may bring on. Don’t push your pup further than they are physically able. Bring water with you on longer walks or in warmer temps. Rest when you need to.  Keep these tips in mind, and both you and your pup will be blazing new trails, and loving your walks again in no time.

Don’t forget, Happy Tails is always available to give your pup a mid day walk!   Call Us Anytime!

Happy Walking!!


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