Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Arthritis Pain at Bay

oldgoldenWith fall in full swing, and the cold weather on its way, have you noticed your four-legged friend walk a bit stiffer than usual, or with a slight limp, and hesitate to claim his usual spot on the sofa next to you?  If your beloved pooch is getting on in years, it’s quite possible you could be seeing the onset of canine arthritis, commonly referred to as degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis. While there are specific factors that contribute to canine arthritis, there are also several treatments available and helpful tips for keeping your dog comfortable despite his condition.

What Causes Canine Arthritis?

signs-of-arthritisWhile osteoarthritis can be caused by several varying factors, some of which can be avoided, factors that cannot be avoided include joint infection, the aging process, cartilage erosion that occurs naturally over time, hip dysplasia and problems with the immune system. Another factor that can contribute to the onset of your dog’s arthritis is trauma. For example, if your pooch broke a bone and a joint was involved, the trauma to the joint can cause arthritis.

A contributing factor that can absolutely be avoided is obesity, which has a direct impact on the development of canine arthritis. If your pooch is heavier than he should be and does not get proper, regular exercise, he will have a much greater risk of developing arthritis. Lessen this risk by providing proper, well-balanced nutrition, a daily exercise routine and regular veterinary care. And these preventive measures should be introduced to your pooch at an early age, especially in large breed dogs. Their bones have specific nutritional requirements as they grow.

How Can I Keep My Arthritic Dog Comfortable?

Sadly, just like with humans, there is no cure for canine arthritis. However, it can be treated and you, as a pet parent, can take certain measures to keep your pooch comfortable and enhance his quality of life. Your veterinarian will advise you regarding proper nutrition, low-impact exercise, and possible medications that can aid in minimizing your pet’s pain. Your vet may also recommend you help your canine companion shed a few pounds.

Ensure your dog’s comfort as, chances are, he’s experiencing stiffness as a result of the arthritis, as well as pain. Here are a few helpful tips for making him more comfortable:

  • Bedding ~ Provide your pooch with an orthopedic bed which will provide the joint support he needs. Keep a close eye on him and make sure he doesn’t lie down on cold, hard surfaces such as tile or wood floors.
  • Massage ~ Learn massage techniques as regular massages can boost your dog’s mobility and promote circulation. Click here to read a helpful article about the benefits and techniques of canine massage.
  • Hydrotherapy ~ Water applies pressure to the lower limbs which helps improve circulation and decrease inflammation.
  • Glucosamine Supplements ~ Glucosamine has proven to have positive effects for arthritic dogs, supporting and improving joint health.
  • Good Ole Tender Loving Care ~ Nothing can compare to the tender, loving care you provide your pooch. Keep him comfortable and offer him plenty of love and support.

Yes, canine arthritis can be difficult for your pet. Consider the contributing factors that you can influence and consult with your veterinarian. Together, you can provide your pet the most comfortable life possible.


  1. Arthritis is terrible. My parents German Shepard suffered with it her whole life, and was eventually put down because she was in so much pain all the time.

  2. Hi, Melanie
    I found your blog very useful as it is very well-written. Nowadays arthritis is a growing concern amongst the older dogs and is probably due to the lack of exercise or due to overweight. Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritis, but it can be controlled by balanced diet, exercise and some medication if required. Some of the techniques you provided in your blog for reducing pain in arthritis are helpful. I think our sufficient care and necessary steps given by the vet will provide quality life to arthritis affected dogs. I will surely bookmark your article and return to read more of your useful information. Thanks for your valuable post.

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