So You Have A New Puppy… Now What?

You have finally brought your new puppy home, and there is so much to consider! You want to give your puppy every opportunity for success, right?  Puppy pet visits offer many benefits for new puppy owners. Here are a few things that can help you and your puppy on to success.


Consistency is Key

Your pet sitter will help you maintain a consistent schedule for your new puppy. Being very consistent with potty breaks is the key to easy house training of your new puppy. Puppies are just like babies… they need many diaper changes! Since puppies don’t wear diapers, but still need to “go” very often, the most important aspect of house training is a consistent schedule. Puppies need to go out for potty several times a day. The younger they are, and the smaller the breed, the more often they need to go. Pups ages 2-4 months simply don’t have the bladder control and often need potty breaks every 2 or 3 hours. As pups get older they can hold it longer. But setting a regular schedule from day one will teach your puppy quicker and make your job easier.

3 Square Meals

Most veterinarians and breeders recommended that for the first 6 months, puppies do best with smaller meals offered more often through the day. A typical schedule is 3 meals – breakfast, mid day, and dinner. This becomes an important part of your schedule with potty training also, as young puppies will usually need a bathroom break within 15 minutes of eating/drinking. With our mid day puppy visits, your puppy can get his meal, and you will get help with house training, as the sitter will be there to take him out after he eats.

A Den of Their Own

To crate, or not to crate… that is the question. Though you will find opinions on both sides, there really are many benefits to crate training your puppy. For one, it is one of the best ways to house train a puppy, because dogs have a strong instinct to not relieve themselves in their “den”. The crate will help you maintain the ever important consistent schedule for your puppy. Crate training teaches the puppy that they have a safe, quiet place of their own where they can go to whenever they want. The crate becomes a peaceful, private den for your adult dog. It also offers puppy owners peace of mind that their teething pups are not destroying their furniture and possessions. A mid day puppy visit will make sure your pup gets productive time out of the crate, while helping keep to a consistent schedule.

Puppy Life Lessons

Puppies are very quick learners. Its best to start early teaching your puppy basic obedience, manners and boundaries. Start with short 5-10 minute sessions to keep your puppy’s attention and retention. Your pet sitter is a great source of assistance when teaching a puppy basic manners. We can help with beginning obedience, working with your new puppy on things such as “sit”, “wait”, “down”, “come”, as well as helping your puppy learn proper leash walking manners. We will work with you on other puppy issues such as chewing, nipping or rough play, and barking. Every pet owner benefits from a strong network of professionals to guide them on their path of raising a balanced, happy and well behaved dog, and your pet sitter is an integral part of that network.

The Social Network

The greatest thing you can do to raise a good canine citizen is offer your puppy plenty of opportunity for socialization. Puppy obedience classes are one great way. Another is if you and your sitter walk your puppy regularly and in different areas, so he sees and experiences a variety of new things every week. Walking puppies exposes them to neighbors, delivery people, other dogs and even cats, vehicles, and much more. Each of these can be a wonderful and positive learning experience for your puppy, as they come to accept a variety of sights, sounds, and situations as simply part of their normal day.

Raising a puppy is great fun, but it is also a great responsibility and quite a lot of work. With the help of your pet sitter, you can guide your puppy down the proper path to becoming a loving, happy and obedient adult dog.

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