Do I Need An Overnight Pet Sitter For My Animals?

Are you planning an epic vacation that has been on your bucket list for as long as you can remember? Do you have an important business trip that will take you away for an extended period of time? Have you considered what to do with your pets while you are gone? They will need daily care and attention, and extra love while you are away. Do they get lonely, or need special care, or just not like to be alone at night? You can ensure their health and happiness while you are away, with a pet sitter who can spend the night in your home!

There are 4 main reasons clients ask us to stay overnight with their pets:

  1. MEDICAL REASONS: If your pet has any medical issues that require them to have relatively frequent medication and/or supervision, you need the pet sitter to stay in your home. Overnight sitters are the best option for pets with medical issues such as seizures/epiliepsy, heart conditions, diabetes, cancer, or any conditions in which special care and/or medications need to be administered at specific times.  Many times these pets need extra help with late or early potty breaks, and to ensure their comfort throughout the night.
  2. ENDS OF THE AGE SPECTRUM: If you have a young puppy or an older dog who may need to go outside to the bathroom more frequently, we suggest having an overnight pet sitter.  A puppy can’t hold it for 10-12 hours and shouldn’t be expected to.  An older dog has a dignity factor coming into play and does not want to go in the house, don’t make him.  We all know how uncomfortable a full bladder is and many of us often have to get up in the middle of the night ourselves!
  3. SEPARATION ANXIETY: If your pets are used to having you home and get upset when you are not there, if they sleep with you on your bed – then it would be better for them to have someone there to cuddle with.  The goal of any professional pet sitter should be to keep your pets as comfortable and as stress free as possible while you are away.  If that means sleeping in a queen size bed with three 80lb Golden Retrievers, then that’s what we’ll do!
  4. PEACE OF MIND:  If none of the above scenarios can be applied to your situation but you still want someone to remain in your home with your animals, it is definitely worth the peace of mind to have a pet sitter spend the night.  The safety of your pets and your home is our first priority. You will rest assured knowing someone is there to give them extra love and attention, to take them for a morning walk, for the simple company of having someone share the couch with them.  Remember, you’re on your epic trip – don’t waste it worrying about your fur kids at home!  You’re not being over protective, you’re not being over-the-top, you are making sure they have the care and attention they deserve!  And overnight care is not just for dogs. We do get calls to sleep in homes with just cats – they are not all as independent as you would think!

Your pets are part of your family. You can ensure that their special needs will be met, and they are cared for and loved while you are away. The cost of hiring a professional pet sitter to stay in your home, give care, love and attention to your animals, so you can return to a happy, healthy pet?  PRICELESS!

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