How Much Does A Pet Sitter Cost in Pleasant Valley?

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Honestly? It depends. There are several things to consider when choosing the ideal pet sitter. First, where did you find your pet sitter? Craigslist? Your neighbor’s teenage daughter? Bribe a friend? “Hobby sitters” such as these will probably be cheaper, but as the old saying goes… “You get what you pay for.”  Consider this… the pet sitter you choose will have access to your home. They will be responsible for the lives and well-being of your beloved pets, your furry family members.

So perhaps you need to consider “How much does a trustworthy, reliable, professional pet sitter cost?” Again… it still depends. To give you an accurate price, a professional pet sitter will usually consider the following:

  • How many and what types of pets do you have?
    Cage pets and fish may take less time to care for than a house full of dogs and cats. ( Some may take longer! Have you ever cleaned a habitat with 5 guinea pigs?? Or a saltwater fish tank?? ) Do you have 7 cats and 5 litter boxes in 3 different locations in your home? Four dogs who all get freshly prepared food with supplements and need to be walked separately? While some pet sitters may have a one-price, all inclusive rate, at Happy Tails Pet Sitting, we consider the number and types of animals, and the time necessary to give your pets the best possible professional loving care, and quote a rate based on that. This is our passion, our profession, and your pets are our top priority.  Would you hire your neighbor’s teen to repair your car or rewire your home?
  • Experience and knowledge… it is worth every penny.
    If cost is your only priority, then you are not going to get an experienced professional. Many people think pet sitting is easy, its just feeding and playing with pets. But think about this… does your pet sitter know the signs that a cat is going into diabetic shock?  Do they know how to test glucose or give an insulin injection? Or when NOT to give an insulin injection? Can they identify a dog that is bloating? (Do you know what bloat is? Or that is can be fatal in hours?) Can they treat a wound on a dog or horse? Or pill a cat? If your pet sitter gives you a blank stare when asked these questions… you should look for a new pet sitter.
  • The care your pets get matters.
    A professional pet sitter’s job is to focus solely on your pets. Not text their friends while your dogs wander around your yard for 10 minutes and perhaps out the open gate they didn’t check. If your dogs need to be walked, we walk them. If your cat needs meds every 12 hours, they will get their meds every 12 hours. SubQ fluids? Done. Special medical or nutritional needs? Easy. Litter boxes are cleaned EVERY VISIT. One visit a day or 4? Overnight care? We do it all. We leave visit notes or send text updates every day. We value and encourage open communication with our clients regarding their pets. Your notes and instructions are welcome and encouraged. The more we know about your pets, the better care we are able to provide. A page of notes for each of your 4 dogs? No problem!  Happy Tails pet sitters have pet first aid and veterinary tech experience. We have cared for pets with diabetes, Cushings, seizure disorders, kidney disease and more. We can give oral meds, Sub Q and IM injections, SubQ fluids, provide specialized care for rescues/rehabs, injuries, post surgical and hospice care. Can your neighbor’s kid offer that?
  • A few other things to consider….
    Where do you live in relation to your pet sitter?  Are you a few streets away, or a few towns away?  Most professional pet sitters have a specific service area, and take mileage into account when determining prices. Is your pet sitter insured and bonded?  Do they have an emergency plan in case of accidents, or backup sitters if they are sick?

All of the above factors contribute to how much a pet sitter may cost.  Another way to look at the same question is “How much should I pay a pet sitter”?  The national average is $20-25 per pet sit and $65-90 for an overnight. Remember, this person will have access to your home, will have your house key, your alarm code, and they will be responsible for your living, breathing, furry family members.

How much would you pay for peace of mind?


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