Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter for Your Vacation Needs?


Summer vacation time is upon us!
So, you have a fabulous vacation planned this summer… but who will take care of the critters?
As a protective pet parent, certainly you want to ensure your four-legged friend is properly cared for while you are away. You probably have a friend or family member who offered to stop by your home every other day to feed your cat and clean his litter box; or a neighbor who adores your pooch and jumped at the opportunity to look after her while you’re gone. While such options may be appealing, they’re not always ideal.

What exactly does a professional pet sitter do?
Here at Happy Tails Animal Care, our goal is to care for your dog, cat, fish, goat, hermit crab – the list goes on and on! – as if he were our own. Our 30 or 60 minute visits (depending on your preference) consist of taking care of potty needs, litter box cleaning, feeding, supplying fresh water, playing, exercising, and cleaning up after your four-legged friend. We will also administer medications, if needed, and provide lots of TLC. Together, during our initial consultation, we will determine a schedule that works best for your pet, with the goal being maintaining their regular daily routine as closely as possible. As pet owners ourselves, we want you to feel secure in the knowledge that all is well while you are away on that great vacation.

Caring for animals is our business, and we are exceptional at what we do.
Our reputation depends on it!

So what’s wrong with having your friend, family member or neighbor take care of Fido while you’re away? Well, as professional pet sitters, we are obligated to take the needs of you and your pet seriously, and to provide the service for which you are paying. Again, it is our business to ensure your satisfaction. Can you say the same for your brother or neighbor? Sure, it may be free care, but chances are they are agreeing, not out of obligation / commitment, but as a favor / choice.
And quite often, you get what you pay for!

Of course, its tempting to have a friend, family member or neighbor (or neighbor’s kid)- in other words, a “hobby sitter” provide free or cheap care for your pets so you have more cash for that awesome vacation…  but there is a simple truth that separates them from a professional pet sitter.

Your pet is a professional pet sitter’s first priority.
A professional pet sitter has an obligation to care for your pet no matter what.

Here’s why:

Professional vs. Non-Professional

  • When you hire a Happy Tails professional pet sitter, you’re hiring someone who has made a commitment to the care of animals. Most professional pet sitters not only have pets of their own, but have chosen the profession precisly because of a high level of care and devotion to all animals. A professional pet sitter not only invests in the care of your pet, but understands your care and concern as an owner. Hiring a professional pet sitter guarantees that you are hiring someone who will put  your pet’s needs before their own. Your neighbor’s teenage kid…. perhaps not so much.
  • A Happy Tails professional pet sitter will adhere to the vacation schedule you select, which is vital to the comfort and health of your pets. Chances are, Amy from down the street will not be able to commit to a specific schedule.
  • A Happy Tails professional pet sitter will always be there. We utilize the LeashTime mobile pet sitter app which verifies our sitters check in and out at every visit, within the scheduled time window, and for the length of time you hire us for. In the rare case a sitter has an emergency and cannot get to a scheduled visit, we always have a backup. Can you be sure your brother Bob will even show up?
  • A Happy Tails professional pet sitter will keep you informed via a written note, daily email or text message, so you know just what your furry critters are up to. Your friend Jennifer may not be so inclined.
  • A Happy Tails professional pet sitter knows exactly what to do in the event of a pet – or home – emergency, and has an emergency plan. Would 16-year old Amy from down the street know what to do, or would she simply freak out?
  • A Happy Tails professional pet sitter makes sure to protect you, your pet, and your home. Not only do we have you sign a legally binding general service contract and veterinarian notification/release form, we also carry full liability insurance and bonding created specifically for professional pet care providers. – Amy or Bob… probably not.

The Bottom Line
Trusting someone to care for your pets in your absence shouldn’t be taken lightly, or be a last minute decision. By hiring a Happy Tails professional pet sitter, you can alleviate all worries regarding your pet’s well-being, and enjoy peace of mind while you are away making life-long memories on that killer vacation!

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Who will provide the best care for your pets while you are away? As a pet parent, it’s an important decision to make. Let us help you make that decision by scheduling a complimentary consultation today.

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  2. Great article! When becoming a pet owner, being able to handle the responsibility of taking care of that pet the way it deserves is so important. Sometimes hiring a pet sitter is a crucial part of that responsibility!

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