The 5 Worst Things About Being a Pet Sitter in Millbrook

I absolutely love my job. After all, I spend a good part of my day caring for, walking, and playing with dogs, cats, and a variety of other furred and feathered critters. But there are things about being a pet sitter in Millbrook that are not so great. Some are downright depressing….

girl holding a dog

For instance:

1. We fall in love with your pets.

I love meeting new pets, and I love meeting new clients. Often, though, the Meet-n-Greet is the only time we will see a client, and any further contact is usually by phone or email. The sitters and I get to see your pets much more often, which poses the distinct problem of growing very attached to your fur kids. We feel blessed we are able to care for so many pets every week. The more time we spend with them, the more funny, sweet, crazy things we learn about them. At Happy Tails, we are all endeared to your babies as much as we are to our own, and it makes us sad that we cannot bring them all home with us. And I used to think that being a pet sitter in Millbrook was all kitten and puppy kisses…. *sigh*

2. Visits with your pets go by too quickly.

Our pet sitting visits normally average about 30 minutes. When you love a fur baby like we love yours, that isn’t a lot of time to get our fix! Upon arrival at your home, first thing we do is take the pup(s) out for a potty break. Kitties get a litter box check. Then we have a fun play session, followed by a meal or snack as appropriate. Finally, we perform complimentary home services like bring in mail, water plants, and check the house to ensure all is well. Though we are always happy to do this for our wonderful clients, what we really want to do is hang with your awesome fur kids! We just want to get down and roll around with them, give belly rubs and laugh at their silly antics. But alas, we can’t stay with them all day… 🙁

3. Your fur kids may not miss you as much.

Well, of course they miss you when you are gone. But…. when we come to visit, they have so much fun and get so much lovin’ that they might just forget that they miss you! Our goal as your pet sitter is this… to make your pets forget that your aren’t home… at least while we are there. We know that if your pups get exercise, your kitties get attention, and everyone gets loving care when you are away, they will all be happier, stress-free, and won’t dwell on your not being there as much. But don’t worry, they will still love you when you get home.

4. We miss your pets when we don’t see them.

After so many years of pet sitting, I have amassed a large volume of personal photos and videos of my clients’ pets. I often go through them, remembering all the fun I have with your fur kids, which makes me smile every time, and laugh out loud almost as often. I’m very grateful to be able to love so many wonderful critters, and at Happy Tails, we all consider your pets part of our extended pet family. We see some pets fairly regularly, others only a few times a year. When we don’t see your pet kids, we really do miss them! We think about them often, share stories about them, look through our pics, and happily await your next call to schedule visits so we can see your critters again. It means adding more pics to the photo album, and a few more smiles to share.

5. You miss out on some great fun!

I know… you are likely on a great vacation, or somewhere exciting for business, and most of the time we would love to be there too. But boy, you miss some fun back here when you are gone. When we visit your pets, they get our complete, undivided attention. Our mission is to have them running, playing, and rolling in the grass. So we run, play, and roll in the grass with them! We get down on the floor, play ball, toss mouse toys and shake feathers on a stick. We play fetch, frisbee, tug-o-war, and basically become your pets best playmate. Sometimes we even send you a video so you can see what you’re missing!

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